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Lady Limu's Healthy Food and Supplements for Survival

Lady Limu's Healthy Food and Supplements for Survival
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

MDS and LIMU's Fucoidan

Today I am investigating this MDS and how LIMU with it's Fucoidan may help. My Dad was just diagnosed about a week ago and Mom and I have him on a daily dose of 12oz LIMU plus regular food intake that is not space more than 3 hours apart to combat the Anorexia that his body has been forcing onto him.

We have seen how Nutrition affects many kinds of "diseases" with most having their direct root causes in a malnutritioned body. We also know how detrimental the chemo and radiation treatments are to the Healthy cells and functions of a body.

The myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS, formerly known as "preleukemia") are a diverse collection of hematological conditions united by ineffective production (or dysplasia) of myeloid blood cells and risk of transformation to acute myelogenous leukemia (AML). MDS has been found in humans, cats and dogs. Anemia requiring chronic blood transfusion is frequently present.

Myelodysplastic syndromes are bone marrow stem cell disorders resulting in disorderly and ineffective hematopoiesis (blood production) manifested by irreversible quantitative and qualitative defects in hematopoietic (blood-forming) cells. In a majority of cases, the course of disease is chronic with gradually worsening cytopenias due to progressive bone marrow failure. Approximately one-third of patients with MDS progress to AML within months to a few years.

The median age at diagnosis of a MDS is between 60 and 75 years; a few patients are younger than 50; MDS diagnoses are rare in children. Males are slightly more commonly affected than females. Signs and symptoms are nonspecific and generally related to the blood cytopenias:

*Anemia—chronic tiredness, shortness of breath, chilled sensation, sometimes chest pain
*Neutropenia- (low neutrophil count) —increased susceptibility to infection
*Thrombocytopenia- (low platelet count) —increased susceptibility to bleeding and ecchymosis (bruising), as well as subcutaneous hemorrhaging resulting in purpura or petechia.

Many individuals are asymptomatic, and blood cytopenia or other problems are identified as a part of a routine blood count:

*neutropenia, anemia and thrombocytopenia (low cell counts of white and red blood cells, and platelets, respectively);
*splenomegaly or rarely hepatomegaly;
*abnormal granules in cells, abnormal nuclear shape and size; and/or
*chromosomal abnormalities, including chromosomal translocations and abnormal chromosome number.

Although there is some risk for developing acute myelogenous leukemia, about 50% of deaths occur as a result of bleeding or infection. Leukemia that occurs as a result of myelodysplasia is notoriously resistant to treatment.

The exact number of people with MDS is not known because it can go undiagnosed and there is no mandated tracking of the syndrome. Some estimates are on the order of 10,000 to 20,000 new cases each year in the United States alone. The incidence is probably increasing as the age of the population increases, and some authors propose that the incidence in patients over 70 may be as high as 15 cases per 100,000 per year.

The goals of therapy are to control symptoms, improve quality of life, improve overall survival, and decrease progression to acute myelogenous leukemia.


Since hearing of Dad's diagnosis, I have been filled with peace about his full recovery. 5 years ago I would have wrecked with this news, filled with anxiety and worry, overcome by depression as my hope would have been non existant given the above information and prognosis.
The peace I now carry comes from the Lord's promises to heal the faithful and my family's use and knowlege of LIMU.

For 3+yrs I have been studying the cellular structure of the human body and the effects of Nutrients on it, especially Fucoidan. Below are 3 such studies involving bone marrow and Fucoidan that show a significant response and connection between ingesting Fucoidan and healthy bone marrow.
A quick search on this site shows 23 studies for Bone Marrow and 320 for Blood.

Is the LIMU Brand a viable treatment option for MDS? Yes, without a doubt. Not only does it provide the Fucoidan but it contains 70+ Nutrients in an Easily digested liquid form that goes stright to the source of our very existence - The Cellular structure of our Bodies which start in the blood/bone marrow.
Without the "building blocks of Life" we are at the mercy of our own body. Never before have the words rang true: You ARE What You Eat.

Sure, Dad is going forward with the 2nd opinion and probably start the 'medical' treatments, but with LIMU working With his Body systems I have NO fear that he Will recover completely.
The Body is an amazing machine and if it is fueled correctly, it will do wonders for itself. Being a jet mechanic for the Air Force and a race car driver/motorhead on his own time, Our Family knows the importance of regular maintenance and fluid changes to keep the machines in tip top shape. The body is No different. Out with the bad and in with good is the Only way to win the race.

I look at LIMU as jet fuel for the body. Just like our cars, if we put in that ethanol into an older model car, it gets all gummed up and does not run at it's full potential. Add Regular gas and it runs better, like it was designed to run. Now add jet fuel which is even more pure and a higher octane which Will win every race every time against the other fuels. Sure the other fuels will allow the car to Run but not Win.

LIMU is the only fuel for Our racing Family.

I'm Barb Thornton and IAmLIMU here to help Your Family receive The Blessing of the LIMU Brand.

May the Lord bless You with His mercy and grace alway!
Lady Limu (Member ID 8536438)
888.8MY.LIMU ~toll free LIMU connect

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