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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Cancer - Anorexia Link

The Cancer - Anorexia Link 

  Do You think Your life is Not touched by Anorexia? Think again.

  As this article from The National Cancer Institute clearly shows, if Cancer is present so too is Anorexia very likely it's companion.

  Fight back against the cancer and anorexia link with NUTRIENTS and win! 

  Even if You have to go through the chemotherapy treatments and surgery options available, Your Body NEEDS All the Right Nutrients in the Right Form. 
  LIMU alternative health supplements are the easiest way to ingest massive amounts of vital, whole food, nutrients every day. 

Overview of Nutrition in Cancer Care
Cancer and cancer treatments may cause anorexia and nutrition-related side effects.  The diet is an important part of cancer treatment. Eating the right kinds of foods before, during, and after treatment can help the patient feel better and stay stronger.   To ensure proper nutrition, a person has to eat and drink enough of the foods that contain key nutrients (vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fat, and water). For many patients, however, some side effects of cancer and cancer treatments make it difficult to eat well.   Symptoms that interfere with eating include anorexia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, mouth sores, trouble with swallowing, pain, depression, and anxiety. Appetite, taste, smell, and the ability to eat enough food or absorb the nutrients from food may be affected.   Malnutrition (lack of key nutrients) can result, causing the patient to be weak, tired, and unable to resist infections or withstand cancer therapies. Eating too little protein and calories is the most common nutrition problem facing many cancer patients. Protein and calories are important for healing, fighting infection, and providing energy.  Anorexia and cachexia (wasting syndrome) are common causes of malnutrition in cancer patients.  Anorexia (the loss of appetite or desire to eat) is a common symptom in people with cancer.     Anorexia may occur early in the disease or later, when the tumor grows and spreads. Some patients may have anorexia when they are diagnosed with cancer.   Almost all patients who have widespread cancer will develop anorexia. Anorexia is the most common cause of malnutrition in cancer patients.  Cachexia is a wasting syndrome that causes weakness and a loss of weight, fat, and muscle. It commonly occurs in patients with tumors of the lung, pancreas, and upper gastrointestinal tract and less often in patients with breast cancer or lower gastrointestinal cancer.   Anorexia and cachexia often occur together. Weight loss can be caused by eating fewer calories, using more calories, or a combination of the two. Cancer cachexia is not the same as starvation. A healthy person's body can adjust to starvation by slowing down its use of nutrients, but in cancer patients, the body does not make this adjustment.  Good eating habits during cancer care help the patient cope with the effects of the cancer and its treatment.  Nutrition therapy can help cancer patients get the nutrients needed to maintain body weight and strength, prevent body tissue from breaking down, rebuild tissue, and fight infection.   Eating guidelines for cancer patients can be very different from the usual suggestions for healthful eating. Nutrition recommendations for cancer patients are designed to help the patient cope with the effects of the cancer and its treatment. Some cancer treatments are more effective if the patient is well nourished and getting enough calories and protein in the diet. People who eat well during cancer treatment may even be able to handle higher doses of certain treatments. Being well-nourished has been linked to a better prognosis (chance of recovery). 

(Emphasis: Mine)

  LIMU ORIGINAL liquid diet supplements deliver over 60 Vital Nutrients plus Fucoidan right into the bloodstream. 
  The body does Not have to expend alot of energy digesting this food source to get the nutrients. 
  LIMU's alternative health supplements and nutrients simply go to work right away repairing damage, causing cell suicide (Apoptosis) and fortifying the body with nutrients to sustain, maintain and overcome cancer and anorexia. 

  The Cancer Anorexia Link has been established as fact. 
  Use LIMU ORIGINAL liquid diet supplement products to counteract the anorexia that cancer and cancer treatments cause.  

  LIMU ORIGINAL liquid nutrition products are Designed with the Body in mind. 
  LIMU liquid dietary supplements are loaded with the building blocks for Life. 
  Don't just survive in Your Life ruled by Your Body's limitations, get LIMU ORIGINAL alternative health products and start Thriving in Health and Living Your Life past limits.

I'm Barbara Thornton and IAmLIMU here to help You Dare To Be...A Life Recovered with LIMU! Buy LIMU juice at

Blessings of Peace and Health, Joy and Prosperity to You and Yours always! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Sad Amphibian

The Sad Amphibian

  I came across the strangest thing the other day when i was walking around The Limu Nation.

  You know that my house is built now. We've had to weather some severe storms. The patchwork has held well and now we are in the fortifying stage before another hit.

  I've Been thinking about Dad and Niece who have gone on to a better place and that one day we will all be together again.

  That's when i noticed, outside my kitchen window that morn', the sad amphibian near the property's edge.
I rubbed my eyes, having just gotten out of bed, as i finished pouring my 1st shot of LIMU juice.
I could not believe my eyes, sure enough, there he was, just sitting there looking kinda blue.

  I wondered aloud through the open window, carrying a lightly mango and papaya puree breeze,
"What is it little fella that's got you so ill at ease?"

  The sad amphibian just turned to look at me.

  "Why are you downtrodden and your color so blue? Aren't amphibians usually green?"

He simply nodded as if to agree.

"Tell me Mr. Amphibian, what makes you so sad? What is vexing you so bad?"

"Lady, do you really want to know?" he said to my disbelief.

  I dug a finger into my ear and leaned my chair a bit closer to the sill. "Yes. What's a sad amphibian like you doing hanging out at the border's edge?" i stammered to say.

  "I've no one with which to play. You see, I've been introduced to many new and nice friends. But they never do call me back to stay and play again."

  "Oh, that is sad." I said as thoughts of Alice in Wonderland invaded my head.

  He continued without much prompting, "Worst part is it seems Nobody believes in the Greatness I bring."

"What do you mean, Mr. Amphibian?" i heard myself say.

"Please, Lady....." he left hanging for an answer.

"Limu. Lady Limu Sir."

"It's Frog. Lady Limu, the name's BLU FROG."

"No Way!" I exclaimed. "I've heard stories about one who is called you! Urban Legends you might say."

"The stories you've heard are all true! I bring inside me energy and excitement. More than enough to keep one's heart content."

  From the chair I arose, "Please tell me more." i said as i inched for the door.

"See that LIMU juice I just saw you drink? Well I have All That in Me too." he stated as he sat up on his hind legs and poked his chest.

"Plus extra B Vitamins, Carbohydrates and Natural Caffeine from guarana seed extract. One play date with me will have you jumping around the block!
 "Do you know what it is like to convince mere humans that an Energy Drink Can Be Healthy for them?"

"Well, uh..."

"Let me tell you, I have the ability to kill and destroy your unwanted, old, worn out cells. The new cells that my nutrients help to create will be the next generation of greatness." he said as he sauntered across the yard.
"In addition to over 70 vital nutrients," he continued without missing a step. "I ALONE provide the nutrient Fucoidan."

"That's Nature's Immune System Booster, I've heard."

"Yes, and so much more." he said when he got to my step, "Let me inside, Lady. Let me come in and show you how much fun I can be."

  Eyes checked, ears are clean, nothing left to do but grab him up. Gently, I agitated 'em back and forth. Then between my finger and thumb, I plunged the tab in to hear BLU FROG giggle from inside his cute little can.

  I was reminded of that Little Gingerbread Man yelling, "Catch me if you can!" as I gulped down that sad amphibian to the last drop. "Let that BLU FROG get ready and Rock!" I said to my empty can and that unforgettable blue face.

"Now, you can get on with and Conquer Your Day!" I heard BLU FROG tell me as I let out a burp.

  What a Difference BLU FROG Energy Drink Is!

  This is why I Love living in the LIMU Nation! You never know what will show up just outside your door!
From chance encounters and meetings with old and new friends, to experience stories galore... The LIMU Nation has It All.

The LIMU Nation is a place where all people's from across the globe gather to celebrate, Educate and Share The LIMU Experience. We can't wait for You to Join Us!

Have a Great day!
May you receive blessings of peace and joy, health and prosperity for you and Yours always!.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

AN, Old Friend

AN, Old Friend

AN, my old friend, how have you been? It seems ages since when I saw you last. Thought maybe you had forgotten about me, discarded like an old cast.

How good it feels to have your strangling embrace long after your absence fell. Your old room deep inside is empty and waiting for you to reside again.

Yes, I've been away too, busy keeping up with other things to do. As you know how much time of mine you take when you show up like a lost and lonely pup.

There’s nothing to do, but take you in again of course.

I’m glad that you came AN as I've been tipping the scales again. When last we spoke all was well as the numbers were slipping.

It was then I sent you away claiming I could continue on my own accord. I could not have been further from the truth I see, for only with you can I be that free.

Without remorse I let you in to begin to repair all the ground we had lost. It’s good to have a friend that knows me as well as you do whose words never grow moss.

Fresh and inviting every time I feel your place, I can’t help but fall for your spell. There is no rebelling against you my friend, we've seen and done too much together to ever be separated again.

No one can understand you and I like we do, feeding on each other’s strengths. To underestimate at what length you would travel to get to me would be a folly to believe.

Well, get settled in my old Friend AN. I’m sure you’ll find everything where you left it. I just couldn’t bring my self to accept that you were truly gone.

“Don’t worry,” I heard your Voice say, “It won’t be long before AN is back in your possession.”

I’ll leave you to unpack the few tools you brought to add to your collection since you’ve been away. To my dismay and maybe your horror, we’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

I have not weighed, but only spied our reflection in the mirror. Quite frankly, I see the fat all over the place; covering my limbs and especially my face.

Only with your help AN can I undo what I’ve done. You are much stronger than me and it’s a job bigger than I can take for goodness sake.

I’ll see you later after you rest from your travels. When you wake you’ll have the strength to hold me tight and whisper stories in my ear.

Stories of long ago and faraway places where name and faces have been forgotten will be your themes to bide the time and lull my mind into a much needed deep and dreamless sleep.

Adieu for now,  Old Friend AN.     

Anorexia Live or Die with LIMU

Anorexia: Live or Die with LIMU

The Eating Disorder Anorexia can live or die by LIMU juice ingestion daily.
I've often talked about “killing” off the illness Anorexia by using LIMU juice as a beneficial dietary supplement if used every day in addition to healthy meals and snacks, preferably on a schedule.

I've avoided the Pro ANA side of the equation as my main and primary goal of using this product was to Overcome Anorexia 2BRecoverED and living with a healthy weight and mind. I actively sought to recover and continue to work on improving my overall health to combat this disease. I discourage the effects of Anorexia by refueling and re-supplying my Nutrient stores daily with the juice.

However, the other day I slipped for the 1st time in quite a few weeks and did not eat for the whole day until I had a meal replacement shake at bedtime. There were moments throughout the day that I reminded my Self that I had not eaten yet, but quickly pushed that thought out of my head and continued to busy My self.

I am reminded of when I began LIMU.

 I remember the “good” old familiar feeling that an empty stomach and feelings that AN provided.
Having lived off the LIMU alone before, knowing the medical research and consequences of such an action, I am confident that AN is a double sided coin that can shine on both sides.

ORIGINAL LIMU juice, a Kosher product, has only 7 calories per 1 ounce, 70+ Nutrients and Fucoidan! Each serving is like drinking a full meal – without the calories, the bulkiness of the food, the digestion or elimination problems all associated with the malnourished Anorexic.

We are told 2BRecoverED that we need to eat 6 times a day ~ that’s three meals and three snacks every single day.  
With this juice, 4 meals are covered with a Total of only 28 calories! A banana for lunch and a few almonds at night and my body has everything it needs to survive and Live With my AN.

At 40 years old and in Recovery for only 5 with LIMU, my AN and me seem to be quite inseparable. There are parts of the Anorexia that are positive for those who live with this illness. If a person is diagnosed and treated early, I believe the outcome would be different for the personality of the person as a whole.

The Major drawback of living the Pro AN lifestyle is of course the Extreme weight loss and body damage.  At some point in every AN’s life, there Is a perfect spot where body and mind enjoy each other. Yes, to the outside the body is excruciatingly thin, and the person perceives that if the lifestyle is left to extend, then death will occur.

When the two worlds meet at a “happy camping ground” shall I say,  the Body at it’s limits and the mind is settled, it is kind of euphoric. So the Pro AN lifestyle seems a logical place to stay at.
This is where “The Juice” comes in real handy!

“I don’t want to die but I want to Live in this state of Anorexia.”

I now can if I choose to.

28 easy, tasty, liquid calories spread out over 4 times a day with a handful of food a couple of times.

This eliminates the indecision and anxiety that comes from trying to figure out what to eat. There is no more worry about the health of my organs and blood due to lack of nutrients. Gone is the guilt and shame of not feeding the body I live in.  Feel good about the choice to live Pro AN. Get to enjoy the taste of tropical delight with ease of swallowing and digestion. The fighting forces of the opposing mind can come to a truce and allow this small amount of juice to pass into the body to do it’s work.  

As long as the Body and mind do not suffer the consequences of the Pro AN lifestyle, then what would be so bad about choosing this way to live vs a “normal eater”?
 As far as the blood, bones, organs and tissues that make up the body are concerned, if enough Nutrients are digested, then everything will work properly at whatever weight we choose. 

Not only do We get our selves off our back, but also family and friends, once the threat of death is eliminated! No more harping or griping about food.

Hmmm… maybe I should explore this side of the AN thought process for a while. Never been here and seems to be tingling a bit. However, to go there, I must actually Go There again to help me remember what it was like 5 years ago when I actively lived the Pro AN lifestyle without and with LIMU.

My Anorexia Can Live or Die with LIMU, it’s my choice.

What’s Yours?

Be Pro AN with LIMU!

Have a Great day filled with blessings of peace and joy, health and prosperity always!
I'm Barbara A Thornton, I Am LIMU Member 8536438 because I Live With or Without of my Anorexia. 
I'd love to help you! Call me direct at 931.628.4355 or Order Your LIMU with Member Support at 888.8MY.LIMU (1.888.869.5468)