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Monday, March 1, 2010

How Cheap for Limu

How Cheap can You get Original Limu for?

To be honest, Below Wholesale and even for FREE.

You see, when You sign up on Autoship at
Your price for a case of juice is $130.
Break That down by 4 bottles and Your cost is only $32.50 a bottle.
For a Family of 2, one case will last a whole month with each drinking their full 4 ounces a day.
So each person spends $65 on Themselves to Be Healthy for YOU & Them.

What happens if You don't want Autoship? Easy...price is $180 a case. You Save $50 on Your 1st case & every one after on Autoship. Autoship = Below Wholesale.

How do You get it for FREE?

That's real easy too. Simply share the Good News of Health with 5 people who choose to be Healthy like You and The Limu Company will send You checks in the mail as Reward Rebates for simply sharing Your Health story with others.

LIMU 2K10 is just around the corner in a couple of weeks.
You've seen the products; You've heard the testimony's and read the scientific research.

Isn't it time to make room in Your day and Your bank account for a Healthier You in 120 days?

What have You got to lose?

Only Your Health IS to Gain!

Blessings of Peace & Health, Enlightenment & Prosperity to YOU!

Barbara A Thornton
Lady Limu
TLC Consultant: 8536438

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